CPCS A23 Skid, Steer Loader

The Skid, Steer Loader - CPCS Code A23 course will train you to:

ensure you or your employee have the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to use Skid Steer Loaders safely and efficiently.

The course and assessment will include;

  • Prepare the machine for work
  • Full pre-start and running checks
  • Appropriate use of PPE
  • Correct method of entry/exit of machine.
  • Travel and manoeuvre over various ground conditions in forward and reverse directions, loaded and unloaded
  • Travel speeds matching ground conditions
  • Transmission, brakes and steering used correctly
  • Full observation prior to and during travel
  • Contact avoided with obstructions whilst manoeuvring
  • Approach and position to extract materials (from a face or stockpile)
  • Loading area assessed for level and hazards
  • Materials extracted safely (no high face overhang)
  • Bucket loaded to capacity
  • Travelled with load as low to ground as possible
  • Ground left smooth and level
  • Discharge loads over an edge or into a receptacle
  • Discharge area approached using appropriate speed
  • Discharge area assessed for hazards
  • Receptacle positioned for minimum travel
  • Machine positioned in line and square with receptacle being loaded or edge
  • Loads discharged in correct sequence
  • All material emptied from bucket
  • Vehicle loaded evenly and to capacity (where applicable)
  • No excessive manoeuvring
  • Loader arms lowered after each loading cycle
  • Place the machine out-of-service – shut down and secure procedures