CPCS A24 Motorised Scraper

The Motorised Scraper- CPCS Code A24 course will train you to:

ensure you or your employee have the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to use Motorised Scrapers safely and efficiently.

The course and assessment will include;

  • Preparing the machine for work
  • Full pre-start and running checks
  • Appropriate use of PPE
  • Correct method of entry/exit of machine
  • Travel and manoeuvre over various ground conditions, in confined spaces, in forward and reverse directions, loaded and unloaded
  • Appropriate gears engaged and travel speeds matched ground toConditions
  • Transmission, brakes and steering used correctly
  • Full observation prior to and during travel
  • Contact avoided with obstructions whilst manoeuvring
  • Correct use of all controls
  • Approach, position and receive loads
  • Loading area approached at appropriate speed
  • Correct position confirmed with pusher operator (where applicable)
  • Bowl apron and tailgate set correctly for loading material
  • Front engine only used during loading (twin engine machines)
  • Avoiding undue wheel spin during loading
  • Short loading cycles used
  • Machine loaded to capacity
  • Excavated to required tolerance
  • Discharge load in fill area
  • Approached discharge area using appropriate speed
  • Discharge area assessed for hazards
  • Cushion hitch deactivated (if fitted)
  • Bowl lowered to discharge height
  • Loads ejected in correct sequence and to thickness required
  • Loads ejected in continuous layers
  • Bowl apron tailgate reset for travel back to cut area
  • Cushion hitch activated (if fitted)
  • Place the machine out-of-service – shut down and secure procedures

This course is run on an ad hoc basis as an off-centre category where candidates have access to equipment and a site suitable for training and assessment.