A32 Soil Landfill Compactor

The Soil Landfill Compactor- CPCS Code A32 course will train you to:

ensure you or your employee have the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to use the Soil-Landfill Compactor safely and efficiently.

The course covers areas including;

  • Preparing the machine for work
  • Completed full pre-start and running checks
  • Appropriate use of PPE
  • Correct method of entry/exit of machine
  • Compacting and spreading material
  • Travel speeds matched ground conditions
  • Transmission, brakes and steering correctly used
  • Full observation maintained prior to and during travel
  • Contact avoided with obstructions whilst manoeuvring
  • Spread and compact material as per site specifications (Note: Spreading and compacting activities can be separated)
  • Material spread and compacted to required depth and level
  • Correct amount of overlap and number of passes – no windrows left
  • Short cycles of operation maintained
  • Place the machine out-of-service – shut down and secure procedures

This course is run on an ad hoc basis as an off-centre category where candidates have access to equipment and a site suitable for training and assessment.