CPCS A73 Vehicle Banksman

The Vehicle Banksman - CPCS Code A73 course will train you to:

The Plant and Vehicle Banksman (Marshaller) is responsible for the safe movement of vehicles onto, off-of and around the site.

This course will train you to:

Roles and responsibilities in plant movements

Direct vehicles using correct, standardised hand signals

Direct vehicles using hand-held radios

Prepare vehicles for movement

Guide vehicle movement

Safe movement on uneven/non-level surfaces

Complete operations safely

Demonstrate your understanding of the relevant legislation, guidelines and regulations

Dealing with public highways/rights of way on site

Correct use of light sticks and torches

Understanding the effects of weather changes on a site

Traffic management systems

Logistics and delivery planning

Safety near overhead cables and bridges

Safe release of loads

Positioning plant

Handling unexpected deliveries

Directing emergency service vehicle